Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Something Different...

Alright so we haven't had a post for a while now. We were doing good too! but creating videos every week is kinda hard. Especially when I'm the one stuck editing them and I am definitely a perfectionist so it takes me a good 2 hours! :O And we are also both in college now which makes doing this blog a little more difficult because we are partying it up! haha just kidding! ;)

So here's whats gonna happen... Every month we will have 1 video Insha'Allah BUT Areeba and I will have segments of our own and anything we make on our own that is new to us we will post pictures, a blurb, and the recipe we used to make that dish. Sounding good huh?

Our segments are going to be unique to each of us...
My segment is called.... "Improving Dinner" where I talk about how to make a full out meal when you don't have to many groceries. This is how I make my usual dinners at home ;)
Areebas segment is called..... well I dont know what its called. haha "My Favorite Kitchen Tool/Appliance/utensils". She didn't exactly tell me but you'll know it once you see it because Areeba will blab on and on about what she loves about her kitchen. :P

Now that that's done with be expecting more post! YAAAY!

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