Friday, September 23, 2011

FFOD: Tuna Salad w/ Wheat Thins

OM NOM NOM! Finally some food in my system!
So as gross as the picture may look it's actually amazing! It's canned tuna (because I'm cheap) with Wheat Thins it's super yummy and I'm sure Areeba would love this because she has this thing for Wheat Thins. Weird but she buys herself a box of these things and eats it like she's drinking water!

Anyways today was a crazy long day! Jummah, cleaning, and a 2 & 1/2 hour MAS meeting... I really didn't have much time to eat some food.

Aight so if you're getting ready to go to school or work and you need to pack yourself some food here's something different to try:

1 can of tuna
Wheat Thins
Shredded lettuce
3 oval pickles
1/4 of tomato
Chili powder
Black pepper
1/2 tblsp of mayo
1/2 tblsp mustard
(all the spices are to taste. And veggies diced.)

From there throw everything into a small tubber ware. And you're ready for a days worth of work!

Make it. Enjoy it. Love it. Email me about it. And eat it!

Yours truly,
The Finally Fed Hans

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