Saturday, September 10, 2011

"LET"S EAT HEALTHY PEOPLE!" - Pasta, Pesto Perfectionnn

Sooooo my parents were out of town today. I was excited....
I decided to cook up a little something for lunch.
Lately I've been addicted to Pesto. Its just absolutely magical. Delicious and pretty healthy.
I haven't gotten around to making it from scratch..but here's a simple quick way to get that pesto perfection.

Pasta- preferably whole grain
Your favorite veggies- I chose mushrooms and red bell peppers.
Chicken breast!- shrimp works too.
Pesto sauce can find it in the grocery store next to the taco/fajita spices.
Garlic/Ginger paste: or a tablespoon on each finely chopped.
Good Olive Oil
Lemon or lime

Wooden Spoon for cooking
Kitchen Shears (those scissors you use for meat)
Two Cutting Boards

OK..Here's what you do:
1) Chop/Slice the veggies as you would like on one of your cutting boards.
2) Cut the chicken breast ( About 1-1 1/2 lbs) into slices/cubes on the other cutting board using the shears.

3) Boil water in a pot. Add a little salt and about a pound and a half of pasta.Drain Pasta once cooked.
4) Heat Olive oil in a medium skillet.
5) Add the garlic/ginger to the oil. Let it heat in the pan until you can smell the aroma! mmm!
6) Add the chicken and allow to cook. Add salt and pepper to taste to the chicken.
7) Once the chicken is cooked through, add the vegetables to the pan.
8) As the veggies are cooking, Use the pesto sauce mix, water, and olive oil to create the sauce. Follow the directions and measurements on the package.

9) Once the sauce has cooked and the veggies and chicken are cooked through, add them to the pot woth the pesto sauce and toss to coat.
10) Add the pasta to the vegiie/sauce/chicken mixture and mix well

Serve yourself a bowl of pasta, Make a lovely glass of iced tea. Sit with a friend and Enjoyy!!! =D

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