Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Favorite Food of the Day: Soupita

So I've decided that I'm gonna start another segment because Areeba has 2 segments and well gosh darn it I want 2 as well! :p nah just playing. I'm making this other segment because I love food and usually everyday I eat something that is just soo yummy it's my favorite food of the day! Now this can be anything, like something I've made, something Areeba made, some dish at a restaurant, or just a simple snack.

So for today's "FFOD" (that's right it's pronounced food and stands for Favorite Food of the Day) is my childhood soup called Soupita (which is basically like alphabet soup or tomato soup except with a little more spice). This is one of those meals when you don't feel like cooking or making anything too big so you make this.
Let's get cooking good lookings! ;) hehe

2 bags of alphabet noodle
2 cubes of chicken bullion
1 can of tomato sauce (notice it's one of the regular sized cans not the smaller ones sold)
3 tblsp of garlic powder
1 tblsp of cumin
Sprinkle of black pepper
2 tblsp of butter
7 cups of water
Lemon juice

Some of Areeba's loved cooking supplies:
Large pot
Wooden spoon
Can opener
A nice soup bowl

Cooking steps!:
NĂºmero uno! (ermm number 1) put the butter into ur pot and let it melt. Once that has happened pour your 2 bags of alphabet noodles and let them brown for a little about 10 minutes.

Once it's browned dump the 7 cups of water, tomato sauce, chicken bullion, garlic powder, cumin, and finally black pepper.

(yes my motto about Mexican food is true in this case. "With Mexican food you only need one pot")

So let it boil so the noodles can cook. Then turn off the stove, cover your pot with a lid, and let it stand for another 10 minutes so that it thickens up.

Then serve, add lemon and ENJOY!

My favorite soup bowl with little smiley chili peppers :D

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