Saturday, September 10, 2011


Helllo, hello fellow foodies!
As Hana mentioned in the last post, we're gooing to start doing things a little more differently from this point on.
Just a little review..every month will have:
1) One video demonstration
2) "Improvising Dinner": Hans will be showing you all how she manages to scrap up some yumminess out of the nothingness in her pantry. Good to watch if groceries are a rarity in your house.
3) "Kitchen LOVE": This is where i'll blab about my favorite kitchen appliances ever in the world. Ever.
4) "LET'S EAT HEALTHY PEOPLE!":  I'll share a healthy recipe..or blab about magical healthy foods! =D

I hope you enjoyyyy!!
I'll start off the posts with a segment of "Let's Eat Healthy People!"

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