Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kitchen Love!! : My Electric Tea Kettle of Awesomeness

So last week was a little rough for me...
In order to ease the stress levels, I went to Lollicup and coffe places for tea several times, and I ended my night with a nice, heartwarming cup of tea. It works wonders. Tea is one of my many loves, and whenever i see an interesting flavo at the store, itss bound to wind-up in my shopping cart.

Mostly I try to stick to Green Tea..becasue its good for preventing diabetes, burning fat, lowering stress levels...and more.READ UP ON IT!!
 Its magical. FYI...orange or jasmine green teas....BEST COMBO EVER.

My current tea collection:

It changes a lot...but there are three that will always be there
1)Lipton Green Tea with Oraange,Jasmine and Passionfruit...
2)Jasmine Green Tea
3)Good Earth Super Green Tea with Orange and Matcha.

Ok so in order to bring the magic out of the tea bag...I have this wonderful kitchen appliance...
Its a beautiful thing.

Along with the fact that Its red and matches my kitchen aid mixer...which ill be ranting about later...
Its always there for me along with whatever tea im in the mood for. It works fast and doesnt emit harmful rays like a microwave.
Seriously...a lovely cup of warm or iced tea in two minutes.
If you don't have one....
get one.
Its a great investment for your health and well-being.

Then email me and tell me about your favorite tea...ill give it a shot and talk about it in my next post! =)


Also...if anyone knows of a book that talks about the different health benefits of teas. TELL ME.
I've been searching for one...and I would absolutely love it if Davis offered a class on the health benefits of teas in their food sciences or nutrition departments. I'd take it multiple times when I transfe iA.



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  1. So I've finally bought myself some nice flavored tea of my own!
    My favorite raspberry green tea, then wild berry black tea, and the last is one I've had at ur place island mango and peach. My mom hates the smell of it cuz she hates peaches. So I rarely drink that one.