Friday, November 11, 2011


So...I was having a sort of blah morning. Wasn't in the mood to do much...and my family was headed to the mall. I decided to tag along, hoping that shopping with Rimsha and Hana would put me in a better mood.
At the mall, after fooling around with Hana at the Build a Bear store...we came across my FAVORITE store in the mall...Teavana. We were really lucky today, becasue the manager of the store was working at the desk. She knew SO much about tea. She asked us what kind of tea we wanted and after glancing at the beautiful massive wall of tea choices, she decided to help us out.

She explained the difference between Chinese and Japanese green tea and listed differences in flavor and health benefits. I was so impressed and interested in learning about the different kinds of tea, I asked her where she learned about it and she showed me a couple books!

She helped us pick our tea. We went with Japanese green tea blended with a Citrus Lavender Sage herbal tea. It was MAGICAL...and to top it off, she sweetened it with natural beet extract. It didn't change the flavor, or decrease the health benefit of the tea. Even Hana, who generally dumps loads of sugar into her tea, was happy with the sweetness from the extract. We walked out of the store happy like a kid walking out a candy store with all the candy he could eat.

It was deliciouss!!! We highly reccommend you check out this store and sample the teas they have there. They also have lots of cool tea sets and free samples of iced and warm teas. If you really like the flavo you tried, you can buy the tea to take home and drink!


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