Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Asian Adventure with Alia

So...Hana and I sorta slowed down on the blogging due to the horror that is school...
and then hans flew off to Texas for break.
I don't want to be too slow on the posts though, so I'm going to share the food adventure I had today with a good friend of mine. ( Hana wasnt these pictures are crappy. Also i took them with my ipod).

I had an Asian adventure with my friend Alia!!!
We don't get to see each other too often and we're sushi when we get the chance

Today we went to a sushi restaurant we had heard about called "Akebono". Its In Sacramento on Freeport Blvd. The reviews were great so we were really looking forward to it!

After I drove us there and it we made it to the restaurant alive...

I just went for the sushi rolls, so I ordered the "Awesome Roll" and the "Lemon Blossom Roll". The lemon blossom one had thin slices of lemon on top that gave it a really refreshing taste to it...cant remember what was inside it..lobster salad i think.The second one was really good as well with shrimp tempura, samon, and topped with deep fried onions

Alia was excited to try their authentic ramen know the noodles all the instant ramen noodle soups are modeled after. This one had lots of veggies, chicken, shrimp, and ramen noodles in a soy based broth. These ramen soups come with three different types of broth, soy based, salt based, and pork based....the soy one in this was really goood!

Everything was delicioussss!!!! Each serving was relatively big, so Alia and I shared everything we ordered. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!!
Pricewise, the noodles were decently priced, but you can find sushi rolls that taste just as good for a better pice. (Try Arigatos)
Yumminess: 10!
Happiness: 8

After lunch, we went to a japanese market and looked at all the interesteing food they had there...
Some highlights:


GREEN TEA: There was a HUGE variety..and it was pretty expensive...
cough(Eid Gift opportunity)cough

More TEA

Those awesome Japanese sodas! When you open the bottle a marble falls into it from the cap and causes the soda to bubble up!! Entertainment with your drink. :)


Its always fun to explore food from different cultures becasue seeing all the different items can give you ideas of diffeent foods to try and cook. At the Japanese market, we found some really interesting foods that i never imagined existed. I even asked the woman behind us in line about some of the things she was buying. Intriguing food. Unique vegetables, noodles, snacks, and pastries that i never would have come across if it weren't for this trip with Alia. :)

So go hang out with your friends and visit different restaurants, grocery stores and markets!!
Food always teaches about different cultures and brings people together. <3

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