Saturday, October 22, 2011

Let's EAT HEALTHY people!!: Power foods for Studying/Productivity

Whether you're following the term, quarter, or semester cycle at school or college....the end of classes is a month or so away...which means things will get 34897585703247598x more intense then the first half.

This will lead to all students all making similar changes to their schedules, including but not limited to:
-sacrificing their social lives
-moving into the nearest library.
-possbly being in more irritable moods due to overexposure to textbooks.
-being glued to microsoft word for several hours on end.
-drinking wayyy too much coffee/energy drinks

Although all these side effects are terrible...theres a few things one can terms of diet...that can make the whole study process more effiecnet and easy!
Food has a huge effect on how we perform in different aspects of our lives, and their are certain foods that boost focus and concentration. Here are a few:

SUGARRR: No, not the processed white sugar Hana likes to drown her iced tea in, I'm talking about  
 glucose. The natural sugars your body metabolized from carbs and sugars we consume. So having some fruits, a glass of juice, or even a little candy can offer a little boost in mental ability, memory, and concentration. Don't read this and think you can eat several candy bars before an exam or study session...too much sugar can actually impair memory and your body will be more than happy to store the extra as fat. :/

PROTEIN: Protein does wonders for focus and concentration. Makre sure youre getting enough protein in your diet, becasue people generally don't hit their daily recommendation's worth. Also, having a protien loaded snack, such as peanut butter can help before you sit down to write that paper. Protien shakes can also do the trick, but its always better to get nutrition form food sources

OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS: Generally found in fish, and offered as a supplement, Omega 3 Fatty acids are essential for brian power and  development. If you're not big on fish, Flax seeds and Chia seeds are great for mega 3's. They can be found in grocery and health food stores, and theyre practically tasteless and very small...Add them to a fruit smoothie, sprinkle em over a salad, add them to oatmeal....theres many ways they can be incorporated to a meal.


CHOCOLATE and NUTS: Nuts have Antioxidant E, which is great for brain power, and DARK chocolate contains many antioxidants that be good for your brian as well as overall health. CHocolate also has very small controlled amounts of ceffiene, so it pormotes alertness and focus without the caffiene overdose.

WHOLE GRAINS: Whole grains do wonders for the cardiovascular system, and reduce the risk of clogged arteries or veins. The result? Increased blood flow to the brian for yet more mental ability.

Wrap all this up into your diet, and you''ll do better on exams, gain more form studying and class, and inshaAllah fly through schoool, including midterms and finals! Also AVOID coffee and energy drinks...those are bad news. Overdoing the sugar and caffiene can lead to the opposite of what you're aiming for. Trying to get these power foods at breakfast especially can really boost effiecency in all school/work.

Next Segment of "Let's Eat Healthy People!": Fighting Fatigue/Exhaustion with Foood
Feel free to email or respond with questions!
Gooodluck with all the studies and work people!!

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