Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fruit Tart(le)

Soooo a few weeks ago Hana and I went to Nugget with our favorite Addassi's, Hala and Khalto Maha.We were on a coffee run, however Sacramento is LAME and all the coffee places close at 9.

It was 9:15. No coffee for us.

However, on our hunt for caffinated goodness....we stumbled upon the dessert display at Nugget.
Our hearts melted at the sight of dessert wondefulness.

I got a chocolate mousse cup and Hala indulged in a GIANT cream puff, and Hana bought lemon Tarlets...which she calls lemon "tartles".

The idea of making a fruit tart was inspired by Hana's choice of dessert. Also its summer, and we might as well have a cool dessert that incorporates summer fruits. =D

Soooo heres the result:
Part 1

Part 2

(We are a little dead in these clips but give us a break it was a long day and its summer I think we're allowed to be a little dead...right?)

If you want a written copy of the recipe, heres the link of the one we chose to use: 

Cooking always results in yumminess:

Yayyyyy foood!! We'll cya next week when we make several types of quick and easy Homemade Pizza!! =9


  1. Masha'Allah looks great! and delicious... I am not a big fan of fruit on my baked goods but I think i will try it. i love the cheesy stuff. you girls are funny.

  2. i think you're cool

  3. Hey guyz
    i tried out this recipe and it turned our pretty good.
    Miss ya <3
    -ur cousin from Dubai =)