Saturday, March 5, 2011


So...this weekend Hana and I are supposed to practically live together and make more vids for the blog...
Last night Hana slept over. This morning, Hana and Rimsha decided to make pancakes for breakfast.
I usually take care of breakfast and have them help if i need it...but today i was in the shower while they tried to make pancakes and berry syrup to top it...I was pretty excited to be the one who didnt have to cook this time and could just enjoy the pancakes. Little did I know what would happen with Hana and Rimsha in charge of breakfast.
the result?

Each failcake was terrible in its own way...some were burnt, some were too thick...and othes were in strange odd shapes...I managed to come to the kitchen in time to save the berry syup which was tuning out runny. They didnt taste too bad i guess...the syrup and cool whip on top ovepowered the pancake flavor. =)

It was one sugary breakfast..but the good thing about sugar in the morning is that it gives you some energy and you end up burning it all throughout the day. Yayyy!!!

                              Now to get back to making videos for all you wonderful people.

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